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3rd Party Laboratory Testing Tells The Story


We Do What Others Don'tGuaranteed Effectiveness Chart Image

Does any other supplement company publish independent 3rd party results for their product? We invite you to go and take a look.

At Master Supplements Inc., we have so much faith in our products that we have independent 3rd party laboratory testing done to guarantee not just the number of CFUs (quantity of active Bacteria in our products) but also the activity of our products. We do this for both our TruFlora® and Theralac® supplements.

TruFlora® is guaranteed at 15 Billion CFU, but the most recent lot is formulated at 42 Billion.

Guaranteed Strength Chart Image

That's three and a half times more than we guarantee!

Activity - Guaranteed

And no other supplement company also tests for activity - only Master Supplements Inc. does this. The graphs to the right show the activity of Truflora as tested by an independent 3rd party lab.

An increase of  1% lactic acid in 24 hours is considered good. Truflora showed an increase of 1.7% in 12 hours!




Truflora's Purity is Unsurpassed

Another outstanding fact - proven again by 3rd party testing.
Truflora is absolutely clean. TruFlora Purity Report.

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